NEW VIP Program

VIP Program, Loyalty Program, VIP ClubAre you tired of remembering your loyalty card every time you shop at Second Time Around? We are testing a pilot program in July. This VIP keypad will be located at the cash register. simply enter your phone number every time you make a purchase. This will automatically track your visits and you will receive bonuses and discounts based on your visits and not your total purchase.

Upon your first visit and sign up, you receive a $5 store credit to be used instantly on your next visit. Each purchase thereafter you will earn rewards and discounts that will be applied to your 5th and 10th visit. It also allows us to text you additional sales and discounts exclusive to our VIP loyalty members. If this program is successful, when the trial period ends; we will eliminate the loyalty card program (with ample time for you to redeem your rewards, of course).

We still have our Samsung Galaxy available in store for you to use for Instagram and Facebook check in and photo posting. thank you to those customers who have used social media during their shopping experience to receive additional discounts.

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