Store Closing July 31st

Store Closing July 31st

Dear Valuable STA Customers:

After 37 years in business, Second Time Around will close its doors on July 31, 2015. As many of you may know, the widening of the intersection of PCH and Hawthorne will consume the property from which STA operates. We have been unsuccessful in obtaining a new location that would allow us to continue to serve you. We realize you may still have inventory in our store and want to assure you that your items are as important to us as they are to you.

For almost four decades, STA has clothed and accessorized fashion-forward moms, professionals and thrifty FashioniSTAs. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with all of you stylish ladies. STA represents not just women’s fashion but heart, warmth and friends. We are extremely proud of the professional and personal relationships that grew and fostered in our store. We enjoyed hosting events in our cozy store that included style workshops, whine-free evenings, fundraisers and the wonderful memories of all the Re-Fashion Shows.

Beginning July 10th we will incrementally start to discount the inventory until we close on July 31st. To our consigning customers: Any discounts offered will not impact your payout. You will receive 50% of the tiered price as per your contract. We will be reducing the STA portion so that your inventory sells and you receive the contracted amount.

Please be assured we have planned for this to be a very smooth transition and are diligently working toward its fruition. We need your help. Below is the consignment procedure as it pertains to each customer. The store will close on July 31st and remain at this location through August 7th. If you have no inventory, please contact us for your payout (see below). If you do have inventory at STA, your items plus any payout can be picked up after we close (see below).

All of us at STA would like to thank you for your years of loyal patronage. The success of Second Time Around is a result of you entrusting us with your fashionable attire to sell to our valuable clients. Thank you and God bless you for your trust and support.

Kindest Regards,

Carol Fisher, Cephren, Roxana, Teresa, Jafany, & Christina



  • IF YOU HAVE NO INVENTORY* in the store at this time:
    • A check will be available for PICK-UP within 7-10 days of your call.
    • *An STA EMPLOYEE WILL CALL when your items and/or check is ready for pick up.
  • IF YOU HAVE INVENTORY** in the store:
    • PLEASE WAIT until we close on July 31st to remove your items.
    • UPON YOUR REQUEST your unsold items and check will be available for PICK-UP between 8/4 – 8/7.
    • **An STA EMPLOYEE WILL CALL when your items and/or check is ready for pick up.
  • If you agreed in your contract to allow us to donate unsold items, they will be donated without notification and you must call for your payout.

If for some reason you are unable to pick up your inventory within this time frame, please call and every effort will be made to hold your inventory for 30 days in an off-site location.



STA CONTACT INFO: (After August 8th)

The phone number remains the same:
(310) 378-8115 (messages only)

Email us

STA’s Temporary Mailing Address: 
Second Time Around
PO Box 10452
Torrance, CA  90505


Visit and Shop OFTEN! Weekly deals to reduce inventory. *   *Consigning customer payouts will not be affected by closing sales.  PLUS...  Store fixtures & equipment are available for purchase!

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Cephren’s Fashion Corner

Cephren headshot

Top 10 Spring/Summer Handbag Trends
By Cephren Carrera

Handbags are women’s most loyal friend, since they keep all of our secrets. When investing in a new bag for spring and summer consider some of the latest trends.

1. Cross body: What we all adore about a cross body is the freedom it gives you. You can do shopping, play with the kids, get things out of the car all hands-free.STA April Newsletter - Cross-Body Handbag

2. Classic/retro: Trends come and go, get the classic and lady like shapes of a perfect handbag that will always stay in style.
3. Bucket bag: Make your bucket bag a conversation piece, play it up with great color, texture or prints.

4. Geometric box bags: A cousin to the bucket bag is the box bag. Structured shapes not only gives you the look of elegance but also makes a strong statement.

5. Fringed: I think we all have realized that boho-chic is here to stay. A fun fringed bag can be used during fall/winter and well into spring/summer. Play it up with tassels or studs cross body or handheld.

6. Faux fur: Yes, you heaSTA_ Fringe Hanndbagrd that right. A faux fur/pony hair bag can be used during warmer seasons too. It adds a touch of texture to any outfit.

7. Printed bags: Large prints and floral prints our big this season. Prints can be small, large, patchwork or embroidered. Think garden romantic!

8. Shoulder bag: Yes it’s back the classic shoulder bag. I know all fashion books show “hand” bags but good old-fashioned shoulder bags are popular again.

9. Modern backpack: When a cross  body or a shoulder bag just won’t work,  get a modern (big girl) backpack. This will give you a fun look with lots of freedom.  They are great for travel, concerts and family outings.
STA Straw Hangbags
10. Straw bags:  Don’t forget a great straw bag. This bag will let everyone know summer is here and you’re loving it at the beach or a fun picnic.

As a stylist and interior designer, I have witnessed the power of style. I’ve had the honor to style diverse women, from size 00 – 20, multiple ethnicities, CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies to empowering women to get a job in order to get off welfare.

What I have learned in the process, at our core, we are all the same. We all battle with self-image and we all want more confidence.

A great (and surprisingly simple) way to increase confidence is through style. Let’s face it. When you look good, you feel good (increases endorphins in the brain). When you feel good, you have confidence. When you have confidence, you tap into your inner power.

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Client Spotlight: Indrani Phillips

I would like to introduce you to Indrani Phillips who is a great friend of mine as well as the staff at Second Time Around.  Indrani has been my emcee partner for several of our Resale to Runway Re-fashioniSTA shows.  Why did I select Indrani as the fashion show co-host?  For several reasons, but most importantly…The girl knows fashion, style and what women need to make themselves feel perfect and confident  from head to toe.

Indrani is owner of “The Effortless Life” and is a life coach, style expert and interior designer.  She has wrapped all of her passions into a coaching business!  She helps busy mom’s create a fulfilled life they love by re-defining what it means to have it all through style, functional home design, passion and making time to pencil in fun!

Indrani took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to speak with me about her experiences at Second Time Around.

Indrani has been a customer of STA for over four years.  When I asked how she found us, she said, “I was driving by and saw the store front windows.  I pulled over immediately.”

I asked Indrani if she shops, consigns or both.  she exclaimed, “Both!  The money I make in consignment goes right back to STA!  What do you enjoy most about STA? “I love the people and the fun vibe.  The clothing and accessories are fab as well!  The openness of the boutique makes it easy and fun to shop.”

Indrani says she keeps coming back because she loves shopping consignment! Finding those one of a kind pieces that you can’t find in a department store is part of the thrill! STA hand picks the items they sell on the floor. They ensure the pieces are quality, which makes going through the clothes much easier. And you can’t beat the price points.

Indrani previously worked at Toyota and has told many friends and co-workers about Second Time Around.  I asked Indrani what her best find was at Second Time Around. Indrani told me, “I am obsessed with my Chanel sunglasses that I got from STA last year. Check them out on my Instagram!”

Indrani follows STA on FB, Instagram and Twitter?  Follow “The Effortless Life”  and

Thank you Indrani for sharing your STA story.  If you like what you have read about Indrani, come meet her at our Whine Free Wednesday event on March 18th between 6 – 8 pm or call Indrani for a complimentary consultation at 310-754-6164.

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Cephren’s Fashion Corner

Cephren headshot

It’s hard not to notice that spring is in the air- especially if you live in Southern California!

This is such a great time to bring out your colors and prints. Here are some ideas to consider as Big floral printsyou shop for your spring wardrobe:

* Florals – Think big and think bold. Don’t hold back, they are here to stay.
* The NEW Crop Top – Some of you might cringe at the thought of crop tops.
But you can do it. Think elegant, think lace and layer if needed.
* Fringe – You see it on almost everything. It’s fun and flirty and has lots of Layered/crop lookmovement. It makes any outfit come alive.
* Gingham – It’s hard to think of spring and not think of gingham. It comes in all kinds of fun colors and don’t be afraid to mix with prints.
* Polo Shirts /Sneakers – Think cute and sporty. There is no reason we can’t be comfortable and have style.Big floral prints
* Denim – It never really leaves us. This spring try some embellished denim and everything jeans, denim dresses, shirts. Make your denim pop.

The best thing about spring is… to emphasize fun colors or prints and all that you can do with them. So enjoy!

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Cephren’s Fashion Corner

Cephren headshotNew Years Resolution, “Clean out that closet!”

Do you ever walk into your closet and suddenly feel overwhelmed by the enormous amount of clothes, shoes and handbags that you just don’t use anymore?  Let’s face it; no one likes the task of having to clean out her closet. Well it’s a new year and a great time to clear out your closet clutter. If you schedule a three-hour block of time and use these tips it can be done with ease and efficiency.

As you sort through your wardrobe answer these six questions for every item.

1. Does it fit?  JanuaryNewsletter_BoyfriendJeans_150
2. Have I worn this in the last 12 months?
3. Does this accurately represent my style?
4. Do I feel confident when I wear this item?
5. If I were shopping right now, would I buy this item?
6. If the item is damaged in anyway, will I actually get it repaired?

Make sure you have space to set up four designated areas in your room.  As you sort through your closet, if you answer NO to any of these questions, you should say goodbye to that item.  Place them in one of the piles listed below:
1. Consign
2. Swap
3. Donate
4. Trash

Your consigned items are those items JanuaryNewsletter_BlackRed_150that will generate revenue when they sell at your favorite consignment boutique. These items should be in style and not the right fit for your closet, but someone else would love to have in their closet.

If you and your friends have similar fashion taste, host a swap party.  This can be a small gathering with appetizers and wine and who knows you might refresh your closet with some new wardrobe pieces by the end of the night.

Donate any JanuaryNewsletter_PinkTopSkirt_150items that would not earn you money and you would not want to swap. Older T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, jeans, shoes, handbags or any item that shows a little more wear and tear.  These are great items to donate to a homeless shelter in your area.
Items that should be discarded in the trash are items that are ripped, tornJanuaryNewsletter_AnimalPrintDress_150 or really outdated.  These include things such as underwear, ripped, torn clothing or damaged shoes or handbags that you do not plan to repair.  Remember some of these items are great for rags.

Once you have selected the items that you will keep, purchase hangers that are all the same color. This keeps your closet looking neat and tidy.  Place your hangers the same direction and once you’ve worn the garment place it in your closet with the hanger facing the opposite direction. In six months take a look at your closet to see which hangers have not been turned.  At that time, reconsider those items to be consigned, swapped, donated or discarded.  Good luck!  I am confident you can do it.  Happy New Year!

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2014-2015 Women’s Fashion Trends

Women’s Fashion Trends 2014-2015, courtesy of

I want to share with you this Fall-Winter 2014-2015 season’s women fashion trends which are ideal to combine and mix up with your already existing wardrobe essentials. Well, if you hope to find here something new and never seen before, then I must tell you there is nothing new around, we see mostly comebacks of some classic shapes, retro styles and already seen designs. Of course, there is an impressive modernization of each style, which combines some touches from old fashion. This season, many brands and designers offer us clean lines, sweet sixties, isle prints, post-apocalyptic basics, gorgeous fur looks, monochrome classics, cowboy- western looks, shearling details, wrap outerwear, bright colors use, knitwear, statement turtlenecks and other ready to wear pretty updates. In other words, this year is mostly about wearable fashion which is minimum creative and max commercial. Women's Fashion Trends 2014-2015

When I see isle print I think of Christmas, and this year is no exception, try one of these cool sweaters or cardigans with pretty skinnies or cool boots.

Think of post-apocalyptic wear. Imagine if… well, better not, but still I recommends you to try on some military and survival outfits: Women's Fashion Trends 2014-2015

Another great thing is winter classics, like this cool, fur outerwear, which comes with vibrant colors and luxe details. Here we see a beautiful burgundy coat which is worn with evening essentials: Women's Fashion Trends 2014-2015

This year’s monochrome is another great trend which comes with elegant looks. Here we see a pretty fit-and-flare dress which is updated with patent black heels and black-red handbag:

Women's Fashion Trends 2014-2015 Keep it wild and think of west. Today, we see lots of labels which offer marvelous and rodeo spirit must-haves. Here we see a cowboy straw hat, checked shirt, skinnies and impressive boots:  Women's Fashion Trends 2014-2015

Let’s talk about XXL or oversized outerwear. This year is all about those awesome, mannish looks, which are ideal for those women who want to feel comfort and don’t pay attention to their overall style and appearance, that’s why we see this awesome piece with shearling collar, which is worn atop work outfit (red top and black skirt) and styled with pointed-toe booties and oversize sunglasses: Women's Fashion Trends 2014-2015

The high-necks or turtlenecks are hitting back and there is no secret why. They are extremely functional, as you can wear them withouts scarves, so that the high-neck serves like a savior from the winds. Here we see a knitted version which is worn with grey, heavy parka and high-heeled booties:

Women's Fashion Trends 2014-2015The Sportswear is on its peak. If you have at least one sports detail, then your look automatically becomes a sports inspired. Just imagine a girl or woman who appears in elegant formal outfit, which features a streamlined trench, blazer, chinos and sneakers- she’s sports addicted. Here we see a striped monochrome top worn with boyfriends, biker style jacket and wedge-sneakers: Women;s Fashion Trends 2014-2015

Speaking of colors, then despite cold season many brands offer us to wear bold and fresh colors. It doesn’t mean that you have to be like a disco pop star, yet keep it more positive. Here we see a fresh blue top styled with tailored black pants, suede booties and striped handbag:

Women's Fashion Trends 2014-2015 Sweet Sixties vibe comes with great looks, which are ideal for various occasions. Here we see an awesome retro update, which features a beautiful buttoned blouse with short, puffed sleeves which is tucked in mini pleated skirt and worn with elegant heels and is accessorized with awesome clutch:

Women's Fashion Trends 2014-2015

Next one is a cozy knitwear, which is perfect for comfortable wear. Just imagine cold winter day, while you are wearing a nice cozy, cable knit sweater, which can be teamed with boyfriends, classic flats and satchel:

WomenFashionTrends_11_600x609The office style hits back massive. Today, many designers offer us classic outfits which are ideal for work and after-work bars and cocktail parties. Formal look hits back with great offers. Here we see a pretty update, which features blazer-coat in grey, silken white blouse, wrap-pink skirt, sweet striped flats and spacious leather bag:

Women's Fashion Trends 2014-2015

The robe coat looks mannish, yet comfy and functional, that’s why many brands offer us some interesting designs, which make us look sophisticated and modern:

Women's Fashion Trends 2014-2015

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Countdown to Christmas Sale

STA Countdown to Christmas Sale

Celebrate the Spirit of Christmas & save daily on designer brand women’s clothing, handbags, shoes & accessories ALL PRICED 50% – 80%  BELOW RETAIL.

New inventory arrives daily!

Twelve Days of Savings …

• December 13 – 16:  Take 10% Off Your Purchase
• December 17 – 19:  Take 15% Off Your Purchase
• December 20 – 22:  Take 20% Off Your Purchase
• December 23 – 24:  Take 25% Off Your Purchase

Extended Holiday Hours:
• Sunday 12-14 & 12-21: Open until 6:30 pm
• Tuesday 12-16 & 12-23: Open until 8:00 pm

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Cephren’s Fashion Corner

Cephren headshot

Cooler Weather is on the Way

STA Torrance Black Leather and furIt looks like Mother Nature is doing her part; cooler weather is on the way. Now we can start to enjoy the winter trends. **Angelenos, remember to conserve water and pray for rain!

Some styles trending this winter are….

  1. Bold and/or 60’s style prints. Think bold designs to mix and match.
  2. Eccentric faux furs. Natural or in color, mix and match your fabrics.STA Torrance Jeans and Trench Coat
  3. Knits! If you are looking to texture any outfit, think knits.
  4. Military khaki. This look is usually very structured and clean. This look is usually very structured and clean. Available in may colors including camouflage.
  5. Aspen chic. Think about a weekend getaway. Mix your favorite lodge sweater with a jean skirt or a dress pant.
  6. The Mens inspired overcoat. Yes just like your hubby wears STA Torrance White Coat with black bootsbut with a feminine touch. Floor length, button up but still shows off your curves.
  7. Quilted. It’s not just for your bed anymore. Quilted anything, jackets, pants, handbags and boots the more the merrier.
  8. Velvet. The holidays are finally here so break out your velvet. Dress it up, dress it down, mix it with some sparkle you can’t go wrong.
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Fall Trends

Fall is All About Big & Comfy this year!
by Cephren Carrera

Cephren headshot

I know it seems like summer is never going to end, but when
St. John Skirtit does you will want to be ready with the latest looks. Once the weather cools, these are some styles you want to include  in your wardrobe. This fall it’s all about comfort. The bigger, the better. Think  knits! Not just sweaters, enjoy pants and skirts. For the office, you can easily add a button up blouse to your knit skirt and boots. For a fun day of shopping, pair a comfy button up knit sweater with your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans. (St. John knit skirt $87, Coach purse $60, Loft button up blouse $18 and BCBG boots $32).

Some trends that always seem to make their way back in fall is the 60’s / 70’s look. So pull out your leather skirts, knee high boots and fun prints like argyle and polka dots. It’s always fun to mix them with your current wardrobe to add a fun modern twist. (Free People Dress $37, Sac purse $28 and Zara boots $42).
Free People
Just because fall is on its way out, don’t put away your brighter colors just yet. Some great colors to keep handy for fall are exotic reds like Sangria and Aurora. Your romantic purple tones like mauve mist and radiant orchid. And the ever so popular cobalt blue and emerald green.
Miss Me Boot Cut Jeans
I know we all love when the season changes, but until then you can slowly mix your lightweight fall in with your summer fashions. Don’t be afraid to mix your cowboy boots with your summer dresses, your over sized sweaters with a pair of knit shorts. Add a dash of animal print and metallic for a little flair (Kerisma knit poncho $27, Miss Me boot cut jeans $27, B.O.C. patent animal print flats $17).

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Ease into Fall Fashion

Cephren’s Corner

by Cephren Carrera

Cephren headshot

Do you still have great summer items that you’re not ready to pack away, yet?  Then don’t! Maybe, you’re a local gal who might still be enjoying summer into October. Use your summer wardrobe right into the fall season with the addition of few fall trends.

1. Don’t put away your pastels or florals just yet… simply mix STA Boyfriend Jeans Outfitthem in with your lightweight fall items (denim, suede and neutral boots).

2. Take a walk on the wild side and mix up animal prints (hint: animal print is ALWAYS in season/style).

3. We LOVE denim! Everything from your go to pair of jeans, boyfriend style, worn look (patches are in), pencil skirt and even your “I will never throw it out,” pair!

4. For yoSTA_MixedPrints_Fabrics_150u ladies heading back to the office, a great dress with a classic cut will be a lifesaver when you’re in a pinch for time. You could easily pair with a basic pump and great jewelry. In the fall, add a smart blazer with a boot.

5. Don’t be afraid to get noticed, mix up prints and colors (a great printed shoe with a striped or polka dot dress)

6. NO, I would never forget, handbags and jewelry. Large clutches with pops of color and statement jewelry. Just think BOLD.

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